Rabbit Proof Fence


Klasse 9


Rabbit-Proof Fence

Go to the IMDb website and find answers to the following questions. Answer in full sentences and do NOT quote from the text!!! USE YOUR OWN WORDS.


Q 1  Who directed the movie?


Q 2 The actor who played Moodoo got an award in 1987. What was it?


Q 3 A.O. Neville was portrayed by Kenneth Branagh, a very famous British actor. Which part of Great Britain was he born?


Q 4 What is the language of the aboriginal girls spoken in the film?


Q 5 When was the film released in Germany?


Q 6 In which year does the movie take place?


Q 7 Who wrote the music for the OST?


Q 8 The film shows a dark time of Australian history. The children that were taken from their families are known as the “Stolen Generation”. Try to find the date in Wikipedia when the Prime Minister said sorry for these crimes committed to the aborigines.


Q 9 Use the PLOT KEYWORDS to find 3 more films about aborigines.


Q 10 Use the Anhang to send in one photo of the rabbit-proof fence.