London 1


Klasse 9

Go to the site London Calling. Go to the different parts of London and answer the questions .


Q 01 When did the Carnival start in Notting Hill?


Q 02 What was the opening music act at the Brixton Academy in Lambeth?


Q 03 Where in East End can you see pictures by Jackson Pollock, Mies van der Rohe and Picasso? 


Q 04 What does the monument in the City of London want people to remember?


Q 05 Which orchestra has its home at the Barbican in Holborn-Clerkenwell?


Q 06 When you are in Soho you should visit a famous jazz club. When did it open?


Q 07 What has its home at Stamford Bridge in Hammersmith and Fulham?


Q 08 Which avenue in Leicester Square has many theatres? 


Q 09 What is the name of the famous hotel next to Aldwych Station in Covent Garden?


Q 10 No Beatles fan would dream of coming to London without visiting here in Paddington - Maida Vale.